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Re: Packaging library examples (binaries/source)

Andreas Rottmann wrote:
>>However - some of these apps are useful in their own right (such as a
>>data viewer or conversion tool).  Is it ok to place a symlink from
>>/usr/bin to /usr/share/libfoo-apps/bin so that users can invoke these
>>apps directly?
> I'd go for just putting them into /usr/bin (watch out for namespace
> collisions/pollution, though) and not install the source at all. A
> user needing the source could always 'apt-get source libfoo-apps'.
Hmm. The mail was just about a month old yet unanswered, yes?
Just to add another cent:
While it is common practice to put binaries which are not needed to be invoked
directly into /usr/lib/libfoo or /usr/lib/package, and it can be argued that
examples may belong in this category, no answer to this question is complete
without mentioning that arch-dependent files in /usr/share seems to be in
conflict of FHS and thus in violation of debian policy.



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