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checking dependencies

i used the following script as suggested from the nm-guide to realize
which packages the application i am going to configure is going to
depend on:
strace -f -o /tmp/log ./configure
# o make invece di ./configure, se il pacchetto non usa autoconf
for x in `dpkg -S $(grep open /tmp/log|perl -pe 's!.*
open\(\"([^\"]*).*!$1!'|grep "^/"| sort | uniq| grep -v "^\(/tmp\|/dev
\|/proc\)" ) 2>/dev/null|cut -f1 -d":"| sort | uniq`; do echo -n "$x
(>=" `dpkg -s $x|grep ^Version|cut -f2 -d":"` "), "; do

but i get a list of all the current packages released in the unstable
distribution. is there a way to check the minimum version i have to make
the future package depend on?
should i move to testing for this purpose?
thanks for help,
bye all

flevour <flevour@libero.it>
francesco levorato
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