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Re: What to do if $PACKAGE needs $ACCOUNT to _build_

Marc Haber wrote:
> I am currently preparing packages for rrfw (see bug#186828). The
> daemons that come with rrfw run as user rrfw, and the Makefiles of
> that package insist on chowning some files to rrfw at build time. That
> - of course - fails when the rrfw account does not exist at build
> time.

The only way to deal with this that I know of is to ship them owned by
root and arrange for a maintainer script to adjust the permissions. You
might look at using dpkg-statoverride in your preinst after making the
user, but then again that may not be a good idea. The only package I
maintain (mooix) that needs to do this is able to just set up the users,
groups, and files in its postinst, but the details are specific to how
and when the files are used. Keep in mind also the state of the system
in the middle of an upgrade.

> How am I supposed to handle this? Shall I change the build mechanisms
> so that the account is not needed at build time, shall I pester
> upstream to have that changed, or is there a workaround available?

There's nothing that upstream can do about this, if they have good and
sufficient reasons to want their own user to own the files.

see shy jo

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