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Re: problems with upstream authors and the naming of perl modules

On Fri, 30 May 2003 22:34:01 -0400, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> said: 

> As far as some kind of quicker fix goes, I proposed some time ago
> that policy be amended to let the libfoo-bar-perl just be provided
> by the package, if it made better sense to use something else for
> the package name. Though that proposal has been stalled for *years*
> (I'm offline, so I cannot look up why, it's policy bug #114920), if
> I were you I'd go ahead and do that here.

	Partly a matter of tact. I lose interest in most proposal that
 call work done by other developers foolish; the resulting distaste
 makes one less willing to personally pudh things ahead. This may well
 be foolish, but since one has been called so already ...

	And the issue of versioned provides: it requires there to be a
 transition plan, unlike what the original report stated, while
 packages that depend on some version of plibfoo-bar-perl are changed
 to depend on the different name of the apckage. It also creates some
 confusion; some packages depend on the long virtual package name, and
 other who depend on the ``real'' package name with versions.

	Does aptitude allow one to search for libmime-tools-perl if
 that is merely a provides header?

	The original message offered long names of packages as the
 rationale -- though not unsympathetic to that, I didn't consider that
 worth the pain of coming up with a transition plan, and implementing
 it (and we do need something; putting a should directive in policy
 make packages not following the should buggy).

	In order to get this moving one needs to see if the should
 would be better replaced with a may (which may have been the original
 wording), and to work out a transition plan; once it does not make
 all packages insta-buggy, and there is a road map to follow, it'll
 have a batter chance of make it it into policy. I suspect it would be
 easier if the perl package maintainers had buy-in in to this proposed
 policy, and would arrange with maintainers of dependant packages for
 a smooth transition. 

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