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a lib* file within a package


i don't really know what to do in this case. Rex Tsai wants to
package proxychains. The package contains libproxychains.so, but
ther are no SHLIBS. i told him that instead, he should package
libproxychains separately, and make the proxychains package depend
on that. To that, he writes:

> Thank you. But libproxychains* is useless. The packages don't
> provide useful header files. And the *.so file are for runtime.
> Because proxychains use LD_PRELOAD to intercepting socket function
> calls.

My inclination is to include a lintian override and to package it as
is. The library is a .so, but it's not usable outside the package,
so it's not really a SHLIB. i want to get your okay first...

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