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Request for sponsor: mozilla-radialcontext package


I've put together a new Debian package, mozilla-radialcontext. I'd like to find a sponsor to help me through the process of packaging.

I've already put the package together, and it meets the Debian requirements (robust, passes almost all lintian tests). I'd just like someone to look it over and act as an "advocate" for me as I go through the new maintainer's process.

The mozilla-radialcontext package is an XPI addon for Mozilla, and just adds a little user interface for a quicker web browsing experience. I'm not the author, just a user. I'm an experienced coder, with a reasonable understanding of Linux (and Debian), so there shouldn't be much need for handholding.

- David

David Pritchard                            http://www.david.enigmati.ca
Imager Lab, Computer Science Department, University of British Columbia

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