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problems with debconf


I am experiencing strange things with debconf and the package I'm
working on, netenv.

When I do 

# apt-get --purge remove netenv

then debconf-show netenv says nothing, i.e. all the debconf items should
be purged from the database. However, at

#  DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer dpkg -i ~frank/src/Packages/netenv_0.93-1_i386.deb

no questions get asked unless I preceed the line with
DEBCONF_SHOWOLD=yes, and the debugging messages are like this:

debconf (developer): <-- INPUT critical netenv/info_configure0
debconf (developer): --> 30 question skipped

The same occurs if, after the purge, I call the postinst script manually
instead installing the package.

The usual way to find out how such behavior arises would be to minimize
the config and postinst scripts until the error disappears. However, I
am not sure that I will find the solution this way. In fact, I
encountered the problem for the first time some days ago, and I didn't
find a solution by minimizing. Then I just decided to rename the
template items, which "cured" the problem. 

And now it is back. Is it possible that the problem comes from my
testing of the scripts? Since the config script got fairly complex, I
have executed them manually a couple of times. In this case always with
DEBCONF_SHOWOLD=yes, and sometimes the scripts weren't executed properly
to the end because there was some syntax error. BTW the scripts are

Can somebody help me?

TIA, Frank
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie

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