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Re: pgp 2.6.3i vs pgp5i vs gnupgp

Kevin Rosenberg (2003-03-20 12:40:17 -0700) :

> Roland Mas wrote:
>>   It works flawlessly, and it allows me to have my GnuPG private
>> key on exactly zero machine, only on this USB key thing (don't
>> worry, I also have backups).  I have recently added SSH to the same
>> scheme.  Protects me from thieves, although not from trojaning.  I
>> assessed the risks :-)
> I do the same. Additionally, I use the Debian cryptoapi and
> cryptoloop kernel modules to encrypt the USB drive. I think the
> chance of losing such a portable, small device is significant. With
> encryption, I feel better about the possibility.

I'm wondering whether this brings any additional security.  Isn't the
GPG private key stored in an encrypted form already?  Or do the
cryptoloop and cryptoapi modules offer more than 128-bit encryption?

Roland Mas

Au royaume des aveugles, les borgnes sont mal vus.

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