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nautilus-media uploaded, Thanks to sponsor!


nautilus-media has been finally uploaded to the Debian archive and is
in incoming right now. A big 'Thank you' goes out to Florian Weps
<fmw@debian.org> for sponsoring this package as well as to Emil
Soleyman-Zolaman <emil@nishra.com> for doing most of the packaging

Description: Multimedia goodies for Nautilus
 This package contains some multimedia extensions for Nautilus, the
 Gnome file mananger.
     - audio view: displays directory as audio tracks, plays them;
     - audio properties view: enhances the properties menu for audio
       files, displays meta information such as artist, bitrate, title.
     - gst-thumbnail: thumbnails videos for nautilus
 Educational stuff for writing Nautilus views
     - test view             a test view to learn from

NOTE: The latest unofficial packages had Debian revision numbers
> 1. If you had one of them installed, you have to force a downgrade to
get the official package installed, since we considered it too ugly to
start with an epoch.


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