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Re: Testing pbuilt packages (Was: Is sid recommended?)

Brett Cundal wrote:
pbuilder has a login feature that allows me to get a shell inside the
chroot, but I'm not sure how to get my package in there. I can copy it
in from outside, but I belive the location of the chroot changes every
time. It looks like all the hooks get called inside the chroot, so I
suspect that won't work. Is there some other way to handle this

I just discovered this recently myself and it seems very useful.

The way I get my packages in there is with OTHERMIRROR in pbuilderrc. Something like:

    OTHERMIRROR="deb http://localhost/debs/ ./"

Of course you'll have to generate the Sources and Packages index files to go along with your packages, but it's useful to verify those too anyway.


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