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Re: k3b test package

On Saturday 15 February 2003 17:28, Bastian Kleineidam wrote:
> # HEAD http://www.planet-moll.de/debian
> 403 Forbidden

Ok, i don't configured http-access very well. So you're not able to browse 
there at the moment. But direct access on the *.deb file or using apt-get 
should work...

> Could you provide source packages? See dpkg-source(1) or debuild(1)
> for more info.

Hmm, i did that partially: i forgot to upload the diff and installed the 
Sources.gz within binary-i386. tz tz tz. fixed that now.

You should be able to apt-get it via

deb-src http://www.planet-moll.de/debian woody main

BTW: The diff also contains two Makefiles and configure's config.guess. Hmm, i 
think that's not ok, or?


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