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Re: debconf ? for a package that doesn't work out of the box

On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 10:35:43PM -0800, Brian Nelson wrote:
> > i'm throwing together a cgi script package that requires certain
> > lines be added to the apache configuration file on the webserver
> > in order to work, so there's no way it can work out of the box as
> > far as i can figure, at least until apache gets some kind of conf.d
> > ability.
> Check out the wwwconfig-common package.  Does that help?

yeah, i think should do the trick, thanks!

> > so... is there anything i can do other than putting some more
> > documentation in /usr/share/doc?  
> Err, README.Debian?

that is what i was implying there, but was wondering if there was
something *other* than that :)  but with the above suggestion, i think
it'll be moot, so thanks again.


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