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Re: On replacing orphaned packages

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Should this packages be listed as orphan, or should they be encouraged to
> disappear?

I think the way to handle this is, if you *really* want to see them
disappear, then find all the packages that depend on them and fix it so they
don't.  Take over maintenance, and either re-write the obsolete module so
it's a wrapper of the new one (so the package won't disappear, but it'll at
least have the superior <whatever> of the replacement), or rewrite the other
stuff that depends on it.

Once that's done, as the maintainer you can ask ftpmaster to make them go

If there's currently nothing in the archive which needs it, then maybe ask
ftpmaster to make it go away anyway, as it's (a) unneeded, and (b)

Anyone who has local scripts (stuff which they've written themselves) which
use the old modules won't be overly disadvantaged by their disappearance -
they weren't getting updates for the module anyway, and it's not as though
apt removes packages from your system just because they're no longer in the

Matthew Palmer, Debian Developer
mpalmer@debian.org     http://www.debian.org

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