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Re: Depends: syntax

Ah, seems you've implemented your option (d) already. Good.

Frank Gevaerts <frank@gevaerts.be> writes:

> >   Depends: ttf-freefonts | ttf-larabie-straight, ttf-freefonts | ttf-larabie-deco
> That is indeed the same thing. This means my original requirement is not
> entirely what I want either. What I mean is "ttf-freefont is sufficient.
> If you want the better-looking fonts, you need both
> ttf-larabie-straight and ttf-larabie-deco"

Which is adequately represented by the above line. If the user has
nothing, hu must either install -freefonts or both larabie packages to
satisfy it. I think apt and friends will prefer ttf-freefonts when
asked to fulfill the dependency by themselves. An interesting question
is that the tools do when one larabie package is installed.

> By the way, is it even allowed by policy to do this ? section 2.1.2
> says: must not require a package outside of main for compilation or execution
> (thus, the package must not declare a "Depends", "Recommends", or
> "Build-Depends" relationship on a non-main package. 
> Does this allow a Depends on (free|non-free) ?

If not a lot of packages are in violation. For example some packages
depend on "some-free-java-impementation | java-virtual-machine". j-v-m
is also satisfied by non-free packages.


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