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Re: check my debian package (smarty)..


On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 11:43:17AM +0100, Daniel K. Gebhart wrote:
> Would anyone be so kind, to check my first debian-package and tell me, 
> what I could make better? You can find my package at:

1. You've made a debian-native source package (only tar.gz and .dsc).
You probably want to make a normal debian source package (.orig.tar.gz,
.diff.gz and .dsc)

2. You've included the full LGPL. A pointer to
/usr/share/common-licenses is enough, see the dh_make template.

3. You did not remove unneeded dh_make example files, pumping up the
source without need.

4. You've included a README.Debian without information. Better delete it

5. There's some sgml-documentation in doc/. Why don't you include it?

That's all I noticed on a first glance.



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