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Re: fceu sponsorship

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 11:24:18PM -0800, Sam Powers wrote:
> > > Fix all that and get back to me with -3, and I'll sponsor it if

> It could be that debuild runs fakeroot whereas dpkg-buildpackage
> does not; if dpkg-buildpackage is passed -rfakeroot, it will build
> the package just fine, but for some resason on my system,
> dpkg-buildpackage never gets its fakeroot command.

Yes. You have to pass -r manually to dpkg-buildpackage. Some people
use sudo instead of fakeroot.

> This is, btw, on both testing and unstable. I haven't tried it on a
> woody system yet.

It's not necessary to ensure your packages work on Woody for
uploading into unstable. Feel free to do the backports in your spare
time and host them independently of Debian main.

Other things to do:

1) Make sure your packages produce no errors after being tested by the
lintian and/or linda programs.

2) Make sure your packages have correct Build-Depends. To test them,
use pbuilder to build them inside a chroot. If this fails, DO NOT
upload your packages into Debian since they will also fail for most,
if not all the other $ARCHs apart your own which Debian supports. This
means your program will have little or no chance of making it into
testing. See http://buildd.debian.org/

Hope this helps,
Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

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