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Re: how to deal with i386 packages only

> what should happen with programs, which currently runs only on i386
> architectures? Is it a good idea to upload such programs into the debian
> archive.
> Sure, I must simply change the Architecture field in the control file:
> Architecture: i386
> ...but is this generaly a good solution?

If there isn't any work in progress to make it work on other
architectures, and porting it isn't trivial, I'd say yes, make it
arch: i386.

If it is supposed to work on other architectures, but at the moment it
does not, or there are people working on porting it, then leaving it
arch: any is a better idea, methinks.

> And secondly, how to deal which packages, which ar binary indep, but
> depend on a package, which is only available on one platform? Leave the
> Arch-field on "all" or set it also to "i386"?

Leave it arch: all, you can never know when your dependencies get
suddenly ported to all kinds of systems.

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