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Re: Building optimized packages, including kernel

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 12:34:58PM -0800, Ross Boylan wrote:
> What is the debian way to do this when I'm building packages from
> source?
apt-build should help, it works well (at least for me).
> And, using kernel-package, how do I build kernels and modules
> appropriately?  Should I build packages that have subarchitecture
> names?
architecture in package names refer to supported debian architecture, in fact
dpkg-architecture doesn't understand i586, i686, etc. apt-build sets it
correctly when runs ./configure
> I notice in particular that debian has an architecture concept meaning
> the different architectures we support (e.g., sparc, s/390 ....) and I
> don't want to inadvertently mess with that.  I saw an older post that
> messing with /usr/bin/dpgk-architecture is not the way to go.
yes, see above. 
> By the way, I believe it is safe to mix code I've optimized with regular
> unoptimized libraries (i.e., regular debs).  Let me know if not.  I
> also understand that I can't mix code from different versions of gcc,
> at least not C++ from 3.2.  So I should stick with 2.95 unless I want
> to rebuild every package I use--correct?
as you can see from searching package lists in debian coexists gcc-2.95, gcc-3.0
and gcc-3.2 so IIRC there are no problems but a good package should compile
without complains even with gcc-3.2 as it will be the default (see
/usr/doc/gcc/README.Debian for a list of defaults)
> Thanks in advance for any guidance.
> P.S. Does anybody know if the optimizations are likely to make any
> difference?  I've started doing stuff with graphics, and it is
> noticeably slow.
if you have time (and a fast cpu) to recompile all your favorites programs and
libraries i think it should help.

Filippo Giunchedi
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