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Re: HELP!!! New Maint App Process

Deva Seetharam <deva@media.mit.edu> writes:

> i am interested in becoming a new maintainer. i understand that i need an 
> advocate to recommend my application. unfortunately i dont know any of the 
> existing developers to be my advocate. so i posted a message on mentors 
> and newmaint mailing lists requesting someone to be my advocate. i havent 
> got any response.

You asked for a sponsor for some package if I am not mistaken. This is
different, though a sponsor might also advocate you.

> i am a little dazed and hvae the following questions:
> 0. can one apply to be a newmaintainer without an advocate?

Yes, but if you remain in the queue for too long (I think it is 6
weeks) without an advocate, your application will not be processed,
and you will have to re-apply. I recommend looking for an advocate
before formally applying.

> 1. how does one get an advocate?

You should somehow convince a developer that you have the skills to be
a Debian developer. The usual way is to first look for a sponsor and
then ask him to advocate you. So you did the right thing,
unfortunately you did not get an answer yet. This may be due to a lack
of interest in the package. It might also be the fact that you asked
this about one and a half day ago, and honestly, what response time do
you expect? Furthermore, looking at your original mail, you did not
give any URL where to obtain your Debian packages. Please include this
in any request for sponsorship.

> 2. how long does the application process take?

That depends, but you should be more patient than your "HELP!!!" mail
indicates. (Please choose better subject lines, don't write in
all-caps and use less exclamation marks.)

> 3. what are the criteria for selection? (shockingly, i see Richard 
>    Stallman on hold)

You can read everything on


And you don't have to be Richard Stallman, he is surely not on hold
because anyone doubts his programming skills.


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