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Looking for sponsor: nitfol/glulxe/floo/glk

I have built a number of packages for the glk generic user interface
library, plus some applications that use them. The applications are:

        * nitfol: a Z-machine interpreter
        * glulxe: a Glulx interpreter (the successor to the Z-machine)
        * floo: a simple Postscript-based language interpreter

Three glk backends are available:

        * cheapglk: uses only stdin/stdout
        * glkterm: uses Curses
        * xglk: uses Xlib

(There's also a GtkGlk, but it's still under development so I haven't
packaged it.)

The main libglk0 package is a wrapper called glkloader that dynamically
loads whichever backend the user wants, so the same binary will work
with any backend. There's a libglk-dev for development.

All the packages are available here:

deb http://www.cowlark.com/debian.dat/ ./
deb-src http://www.cowlark.com/debian.dat/ ./

(Plus a bunch of other stuff, but that's not relevant here.)

The full list of packages is:


...plus source. All of them are lintian clean. I have a number of users
who haven't complained of any bugs yet.

Anyone interested in sponsoring them? I've managed to tick off
everything else on the checklist...

David Given

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