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pppd failed

I installed Debian linux from files obtained via
internet and eventually got it to work.  I can dial-up
over a modem after running pppconfig.  Things went
Next, I wanted to get linux source code and build
kernel.  That went OK.  I have run the new kernel
and it seems to work except for one thing.  When I
use the pon command, it appears to dial-up, connect
but quickly disconnects (hangs up).  When I use the
plog command I get the following:
debian pppd[235]: Serial connection established.
debian pppd[235]: ioctl (TIOCSETD): Invalid argument(22)
debian pppd[235]: Hangup (SIGHUP)
debian pppd[235]: Exit.
I think that I am not picking the correct things when I
run menuconfig (in the PPP stuff).
Have any idea what's wrong?

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