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looking for sponsor

Hi all,

I am interested in packaging the pam_mount package
(http://pam-mount.conectevil.com/) for Debian.  It is a PAM module to
automatically mount a remote volume when a user logs in (e.g. through SMB),
using the log-in password to send to the remote server.  My present attempt
at packaging it is available from http://walnut.methody.org/~martin/packages

It's not entirely ready for Debian - currently the pmhelper binary has no
manpage and I'm not sure if /usr/bin is the correct place for it to be (It's
not intended to be run from the commandline).  I don't know whether I should
be looking for a sponsor yet, but if anyone is interested ...

Martin Orr                         "The greatest crime is to do nothing
Linux Administrator,                because we fear we can only do a little."
Methodist College Belfast

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