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Re: Lost Sponsor

On Wed, 08 May 2002, Markus Garscha <gaschi@hawo.stw.uni-erlangen.de> wrote...

: Hi!
: A few month ago i started to build my first debian package (Bug
: #123920), posted a request for a sponsor, and found one immediately. he
: was very helpful and observed the building-process very well. 
: but suddenly i didn't reach him per email anymore. after a lot of tries
: i gave up.
: the package is imho ready for take off and i'm looking for solution to
: deploy my package. what should i do? looking for a new sponsor?
: thanx for your advice
: markus
: p.s. perhaps there is someone outside who wants to adopt the sponsorship
: p.p.s. the big part of the work is done :)

I initially was helping Markus with his `anteater' package.
Unfortunately, I got rather busy, and neglected his work.

Markus has put a significant effort into anteater, which is a sendmail
log analyzer.

I suggest that Markus' new sponsor at least be a sendmail user =)


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