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Re: lib sdl

On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 01:35:26PM +0200, Andrea Mennucc wrote:

> What Christian Marillat has been doing was surely done with good intentions
> in mind; and indeed I have already asked him for any help he wishes to
> provide; but there were some problems/issues.
> (btw: didn't you ask yourself  
> "why Christian Marillat's package is not Debian?")

  Because I known why it has not been in Debian so far.

> Let us review the history of mplayer-in-debian (afaik it)
> 0) mplayer has a debian directory in CVS; and it has been
>  possible to dpkg-buildpackage it using that directory for a long
>  time ( at least since 26 Feb 2001); Darius Pietrzak manages those files

  So what? I know some applications with a debian directory in CVS
  but with a different debian packaging in Debian. 

> 0bis) Darius Pietrzak has filed an ITP for mplayer in Debian wnpp [3]

  So what? The one who uploads the first wins.

> 1) Christian Marillat has released many packages (the first on 26 Feb 2001,
>  according to the changelog); but 
>  1a) he has not obtained permission from the authors: quite on the
>  opposite, the authors had asked to NOT package mplayer [1] [2]

  If you don't have permission to redistribute software as a Debian
  package, it is not free software. Obtaining permission is just
  a matter of courtesy. 

>  2a) the different parts of the source code of mplayer were subject to
>  different licenses, and this prohibited a binary packaging of
>  them all together [2]

  That's why it has not been in Debian so far.

> >   You don't seem to have understood what cooperative work
> >   means.
> you don't seem to have read the policy: it clearly states
> "We reserve the right to restrict files from being included anywhere in
> our archives if
>     * their use or distribution would break a law,
>     * there is an ethical conflict in their distribution or use,
>     * we would have to sign a license for them, or
>     * their distribution would conflict with other project policies."

  It has nothing to do with the ongoing discussion. I didn't talk
  at all about not having it in Debian.
  You're just repackaging something that has already been packaged.
> and in the mantainer's guide [4]:

> # you should contact program's author(s) to check if they agree with
> packaging it. It is important to be able to consult with author(s)
> about the program in case of any program specific problems, so don't
> try to package unmaintained pieces of software.

  Yes, you _should_, not you _must_. Please read it more carefully next

Jérôme Marant

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