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Re: Tagging 88054 help

Matt Zimmerman dijo:
> You should review the definition of the "pending" tag.  I do not think
> that it is appropriate here.

Sorry, I got that impression from:

	pending		The problem described in the bug is being
			actively worked on, i.e. a solution is pending.

I am working on it, so it's tagged pending. Am I missing something?

> xlibs is the only package which could modify that file, and even xlibs
> can't modify it because it's a conffile.  

Well, it can modify it's own files, can't it?
If the user allows it to, I mean :-?

> You need to resolve this situation in conjunction with the xlibs
> maintainer.  It is entirely possible that there is a better way to do
> this.

Probably dropping xfstt. No upstream, buggy, and probably not needed.
I grew to love it though :-(

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