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Keysigning in Phoenix, AZ

I'm looking for someone in the Phoenix area who can sign my GPG key.
Unfortunately, according to the GPG Signing Coordination Page
(http://nm.debian.org/gpg.php), there are 3 people in this area
requesting a keysign, but no-one is listed as being available to sign a
key here.  It looks like there aren't any developers in Arizona at all.

Would this sort of situation be an instance where it's acceptable to
send in a copy of my driver's license to someone to prove my identity?

If anyone cares, I'm currently packaging gShield.  It still has a
lintian bug, but the current version is at my website:

Jon Franklin                   jfranklin@getnet.net
"Ua mau, ke ea o ka'aina i kapono"
The life of the land is preserved by righteousness.
   -- Hawai'i state motto

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