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Re: Bug#136374: sbuild: /etc/sbuild.conf should be a conffile

Cc to mentors for input

summary: the sbuild package has three configurations files, each
overriding the previous one: /etc/sbuild.conf, /etc/sbuild.conf.local,

sbuild.conf is for upstream changes, sbuild.conf.local (a
conffile currently) for local system-wide changes, .sbuildrc for
user settings.

Gergely Nagy wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > sbuild.conf.local is the conffile.  Its settings override
> > sbuild.conf; ~/.sbuildrc overrides both.  This follows
> > wanna-build usage.  And having the local file allows this
> > package to be dropped in on a buildd cleanly.
> > 
> > sbuild.conf changes occasionally upstream with new watches
> > and alternatives and I'll be tracking that.  The user
> > shouldn't have to pay much attention to the file.
> And marking it as conffile allows that. If the user didn't change the
> file, it will be replaced with the new version. If he did, he'll need
> to merge by hand.
> If I want to shoot myself in the foot, please allow me to do so.

I'd rather not have either a conffile.  Currently the user has to
'N' on installing a new sbuild.local.conf but it's a nobrainer -
no diff or thinking required as everything in the new file is
commented out.

I was trying to get away from user interaction during install.  I
was going to go with the following but didn't get around to it,

 - leave /etc/sbuild.conf a configuration file.  This will be for
   upstream changes only.

 - create /etc/sbuild.conf.local if it doesn't exist, with
   commented common alternate settings; don't touch if it exists.
   Any settings here override /etc/sbuild.conf.

If this seems sane, is there a package that does something like
this for reference?  I assume this is as easy as an "if [ -e"
check in the maintainer scripts, leave on remove, purge on purge?

Any case, I probably won't get another change in before the
freeze.  The package needed to be uploaded to fix a problem so I
went with a version that I'd been using for a few weeks.


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