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Re: Changes in a conffile

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 11:51:25AM +0100, Stijn de Bekker wrote:
> The htdig package uses a configuration file, /etc/htdig/htdig.conf,
> which defines the location of a database file.
> In a recent version I changed the location of the default path to
> comply with the debian policy. 
> An upgrade of the htdig can fail now (bug #133867), because this
> location should be changed in the configuration file too. Can I
> modify the location (if it's still listed as the old location) in the
> configuration file from the postinst script? Policy (ch 11.7) is not
> very clear about it IMHO.

Change the path in the conffile in the package. Don't do anything in
postinst. dpkg will notice that the conffile in the package has
changed and prompt the user. If they are too stupid to [D]iff and
observe the changes, that is entirely their problem (packages which
add spurious extra warnings on top of this are INCREDIBLY annoying).

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