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Re: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath


On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 01:11:28PM -0500, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> > rpath, and needed fixing.  I vehemently oppose that.  Patching libtool
> > in debian/rules is fine with me, though :-)
> Although the latter is a horrible kludge that is going to
> break when the internals of libtool change.
> Is it not possible for libtool to accept a switch that means "this
> library is going to be installed in a system path and I don't want
> -rpath set" ?  Maybe libtool already has such a switch or will
> in a future version?  Comments from the libtool maintainer ?

I think that this issue is moot for libtool on Linux.  Unless it is no
longer the case, Libtool no longer adds an rpath to libraries on 
Linux.  As I recall, the debian/rules hack should no longer be
necessary (at least for libtool 1.4.x).

Ossama Othman <ossama@ece.uci.edu>
Distributed Object Computing Laboratory, Univ. of California at Irvine
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