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ITA: osh and shhmsg

retitle 89433 ITA: osh -- Operator's Shell
retitle 118143 ITA: shhmsg -- Library for displaying messages
tags 89433 + pending
tags 118143 + pending

[forwarding to debian-mentors@lists.debian.org because I asked for
a sponsor on it]

David Kimdon <dwhedon@debian.org> offered to sponsor me.
Now he is checking my packages of osh and shhmsg.

Oohara Yuuma <oohara@libra.interq.or.jp>
Graduate-school of Science, Kyoto University
PGP key (key ID F464A695) http://www.interq.or.jp/libra/oohara/pub-key.txt
Key fingerprint = 6142 8D07 9C5B 159B C170  1F4A 40D6 F42E F464 A695

I always put away what I take.
--- Ryuji Akai, "Star away"

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