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Re: dh_movefiles

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 11:19:27PM -0500, christophe barb? wrote:
> I'm trying to use dh_movefiles to fill a package-dev directory but
> something change and I don't understand what is expected from me.
> # dh_movefiles
> dh_movefiles: I was asked to move files from debian/tmp to debian/tmp.
> Perhaps you should set DH_COMPAT=2?
> I've tried several thing like 'dh_movefiles package-dev' but nothing
> help.
> I've the two files package-dev.(files|dirs) in the debian directory.

dh_movefiles acts on *all* of your packages, moving files from
debian/tmp to debian/$pkg for each package, according to the list of
files in $pkg.files.  If you are using DH_COMPAT>=2, then your primary
package directory will be debian/$pkg; with DH_COMPAT=1, it will be
debian/tmp.  So what happens in your case is you are trying to move
files from debian/tmp to debian/tmp when you handle the primary

Easiest solution: don't let dh_movefiles act on your primary package,
so use dh_movefiles -Xpackage.



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