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Dependency logic


In a post to this list about a year ago, someone suggested that complex dependencies such as "(A & B) | C" be handled with: "A | C, B | C". Now this generates a lintian error:

E: petsc2.1.1-dev: package-has-a-duplicate-relation blas-dev | atlas2-base-dev, lapack-dev | atlas2-base-dev
N:   The package seems to declare a relation on another package which is
N:   already implied by other relations it declares, and is therefore
N:   redundant. This is not only sloppy but can break some tools

How else am I supposed to construct this dependency?

IMHO, the right way to do this would be virtual blas-dev and lapack-dev packages provided by atlas2-*, but that poses other problems in this particular case, e.g. the blas- and lapack-compatible libs in atlas2-base are in /usr/lib/atlas, so they require -L/usr/lib/atlas (and still other places for the subarch-specific libs) and are therefore not compatible with blas-dev and lapack-dev, unless Camm is willing to do an /etc/alternatives thing...


-Adam P.

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