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some days ago, i've written ikeyd, a little hotkey daemon espacially for the
special "apple" hotkeys on the ibook2.

I asked on #debianppc (opn) and walters checke the package and helped me to
correct some errors so that lintian now complains about nothing.

Well, currently my problem is, i have no signed gpg key and i don't know a
debian-developer. So maybe somebody in the area of Frankfurt maybe could sign
my gpg-key and perhaps also look at ikeyd, because I'm currently a student at
the university of Darmstadt, Germany. Would be really nice to become a "new
maintainer" :)

You can find ikeyd at:
deb http://www.dreamind.de/debian sid main
deb-src http://www.dreamind.de/debian sid main

There is also a version of oroborus with some small patches made by me.



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