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Re: php and locales

On Fri, 2002-Jan-11, Anders Jackson wrote:
> > (2) use English, this is should, but I imagine that English
> > is the only language which can fully expressed using ASCII
> > character set.
> 2 isn't quite right.  There is at least one English word that have ë
> in it (an umlat-e?).  But because i'm not native English, I don't
> remember what that word is.  ;-)
There are 'naïve' and 'æsthetical'.
In recent decades, however, they seem to be reduced into 'naive'
and 'aesthetical', probably mostly due to the 7-bit ASCII ...

Andres Soolo   <soolo@ut.ee>

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
		-- Saint Jerome

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