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I'm searching an Advocate

Dear Mentors

I'va applicated to become a Debian Maintainer, but have not jet found an Advocate.
So, if any of you likes to advocate me or likes to have more informations about me
please contact me.

Best Regards

   Matthias Cramer

("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._          FreeStone Systems
  `6_ 6  )   `-.  (     ).`-.__.`) Matthias Cramer
  (_Y_.)'  ._   )  `._ `. ``-..-'  Zürcherstrasse 16
  _..`--'_..-_/  /--'_.' ,'        CH-8107 Buchs
  (il),-''  (li),'  ((!.-'         http://www.freestone.net

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