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Packaging A+

I ITP A+, a programming language and development environment
(http://aplusdev.org).  It will be called aplus-fsf.  I have not packaged
anything before and I have some questions.  The new maintainer's guide was
helpful but did not cover these areas.

1) The upstream sources put files in non-standard directories.  I am moving
them to standard locations, e.g., docs to /usr/share/doc/aplus-fsf.  I did
this by adding to the debian/rules install target code like the following:
INSTDIR = $(CURDIR)/debian/aplus-fsf/usr
mv $(INSTDIR)/doc/* $(INSTDIR)/share/doc/aplus-fsf/
rmdir $(INSTDIR)/doc

I've successfully created a .deb file and see that it has the right paths, so
what I've done works, but may not be optimal.  Is there a better way to do

2) A bunch of shared libraries are created.  dh_shlibdeps gives an error like
this for each one:

dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: could not find any packages for

What does that mean?  What packages is it looking for?

Neil L. Roeth

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