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Sponsor for two security-related packages


  I have recently made my application to become a package maintainer,
  but am still in need for a sponsor (and maybe for my application,
  advocate) for at least one of the packages I debianized.

    * idswakeup : A tool to simulate common attacks to check
 	 if network intrusion detection systems correctly respond. 
	 (upstream is at http://hsc-labs.com/tools/idswakeup/)

    * whisker (by RFP) : Web server vulnerabilities scanner
    	(requested in #120912)
	(upstream at http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp/p/doc.asp/i1/d21.htm)

  Both packages are available with source at


  I would gladly accept every one of your suggestions.
  Thank you for your attention,

Thomas Seyrat.

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