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Re: Bug#126434: ITP: super-sed -- An enhanced version of sed

On 26 Dec 2001, Ganesan R wrote:

> 1. The source tarball is still called sed (the latest version is
>    sed-3.52.tar.gz). What are my options of dealing with this other than
>    asking upstream to change the source tarball?

You can rename the source tarball when uploading to debian.  No problems.

> 2. I compiled with a program prefix of 's', so super sed binary will be
>    called ssed to differentiate it from GNU sed. I'll also use alternatives
>    to make this the default sed. This takes care of the binary and the man
>    page, however the info pages are still called sed.info, sed.info-1 :-(.

You can't use alternatives in this situation, because the real said doesn't
use them.  alternatives can have multiple slaves, not just one, so the info
pages can be linked to the main binary as the same time the manpages are

What you want is dpkg-divert.  But I vote against diverting /usr/bin/sed.

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