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Renaming binary packages + Python

I'm the maintainer of the libming packages.
Libming has Python bindings, so i made a package python2-ming.

The Python policy has changed now, and Python 2.1 is now the default
python, so it might be good to rename my package to python-ming?
This is a binary package, the source package remains libming.

if so, what do i have to do for that? upload, then file a bug against
ftp.debian.org to remove them?

Is anybody familar with the new python? I've never used python, i'm just
packagin the python-bindings!

Please have a look at my new packages, available at
before upload?

Furthermore: Should i make a python1.5-ming package?
Ming isn't stable yet, so people using ming should be able to use python
2.1... Maybe i'll do a python2.2-ming package instead.

Thanks for your help,


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