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Re: howto do task packages ?

> Take contact with the maintainer of tasksel for more information on the
> new "task" mechanism and to find a solution.

Basically it works like this:
The Task information is added on creating the "Packages" file, so Tasks
are made _only_ on the Archive. (see overrides file)

You can do an old-style Task-Package anyways; like "kde" is.
These old-style Task Packages do have a major drawback though: they
cannot be installed if not all Packages they depend on are available;
on uninstalling any of the installed packages you have to remove the
task package as well.
I do not know if the policy allows for such meta-packages, but i do
think so, as they are really useful.
Do have a look at the "harden-*" packages, too, these are the successors
of some task-packages as well. (task-harden-* ;)

The new Task System basically marks all Packages with the corresponding
"Task:" Control field to install; not existant or uninstallable packages
won't hurt, and you can remove them independently.

Do not expect to get into Tasksel. The Task list in Tasksel is to be
kept _very_ minimalistic to allow fast and easy installations.
As most users don't know what "ocaml" is, nor will need it, don't expect
to get this into tasksel.


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