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Re: Dealing with file deletions

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, Jon Middleton wrote:
> Now I'm seeing a warning from dpkg-source about it ignoring file
> deletions.  So when the sources are unpacked theres the moved files
> along with the original ones.  Dose anyone konw the best way of dealing with 
> this type of problem ? 

I have an automated solution in place and working for fetchmail. Check the
autogen.sh and debian/rules scripts.

DO keep in mind that it works in MY building environment, which is tailored
for the use of cvs-buildpackage, so I always have a source tree that is sane
(with no outdated crap from upstream's RH machine) to compare with the
tar-unpacked one to generate the "files to be removed" diff.

Also pay special attention to the logic in autogen.sh to find and unpack
(yes, I know I could write a better version that uses tar -t instead of
unpacking. Will do someday if I get too bored) the upstream's tarball.

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