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Re: [zeratul2@wanadoo.es: Bug#102811: grub: cannot access newer ext2 filesystems]

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

> The bug is not serious enough to justify an update to stable, especially not
> when we are preparing for a new release.

You could of course upload a potato package anyway, and punt the
decision to the release managers. AFAIK the package will end up in
potato-proposed-updates where interested users of stable can get it.
The chances of it appearing in potato are pretty slim, of course,
because (a) it sounds like a big enough change, that even a backport
(should you take this work on you) is probably too destabilizing, (b)
it's dubious whether another potato point release will be done at all.

> Explain to the user that the fixed version is already in 'testing',
> and will be included in the next stable release. If you wish, you
> can leave the bug open (and downgrade it, it doesn't qualify as
> important) so that users know that they can fetch the latest version
> from testing.

You should definitely tag it with "potato" if you keep it open.


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