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Patch problem -- always fuzzy?


I got a bug report, #103516, about problems to build tela_1.32-4.
This is because the diff only applies with fuzz 1, which is not
allowed.  My problem is that I cannot make the diff and apply it
without fuzz.  What should I do?  E.g.

/tmp/micce$tar xzf ~/sw/cvsdeb/tela/tela_1.32.orig.tar.gz 
/tmp/micce$cd tela-1.32/
/tmp/micce/tela-1.32$diff -u doc/usrguide-7.html ~/debian/cvsdeb/tela/doc/usrguide-7.html > ../mydiff
/tmp/micce/tela-1.32$patch -p0 < ../mydiff 
patching file doc/usrguide-7.html
Hunk #1 succeeded at 59 with fuzz 1.



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