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Re: Integration of debian/ scripts in packages

On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 06:31:54PM +0100, Michèl Alexandre Salim wrote:
[debian/ in upstream makes maintaining package difficult]
> The reason I raise this issue in the first place is actually a
> notion that it would be nice for users wanting bleeding-edge
> software to update from CVS and just run debian/rules binary or
> dpkg-buildpackage, the same way they can rpm -tb package.tar.gz
> currently (granted, most of the time one thing or another is broken. 
> Especially the changelog - rather incredible).

I've been thinking about this as well - it /would/ be nice for a user
to just run dpkg-buildpackage after unpacking the tarball...

Maybe a simple and straightforward solution would be to provide a
"debian.upstream" directory in the upstream sources, and a rule in the
upstream Makefile which soft-links this to "debian" before running
dpkg-buildpackage. Then the user would only have to "make deb".



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