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Re: pure-ftpd: zombie postinst under debconf

joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr said:
>> Is there a way to have debhelper do that? Or should I just not be using
>> debhelper for this and put correct code in the postinst myself?
> You could add it yourself and use dh_installinit -n, that's what I did for
> xinetd. Or try what Itai suggested.

Itai's suggestion works beautifully, and lets me continue using
debhelper generate that code. I'm all for letting the machine write the
code for me when it can. :)

> Well, some feel debconf is at fault here, mercilessly taking
> possession of stdout :)

I knew it probably had something to do with that, I just didn't expect
that debconf and debhelper would conflict like that. I really just
needed more experience with debconf.


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