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Re: Problem with temporary package build directory removal

>>>>> On Fri, 25 May 2001, "Alwyn" == Alwyn Schoeman wrote:

  Alwyn> Hi,

  Alwyn> The debhelper specifies that the default temporary package
  Alwyn> building directore is debian/<package>.  This is true, but dh_make
  Alwyn> do not remove the directory.  I do not want to do a rm -f as this
  Alwyn> should not be necessary.  Anyone know a solution?

dh_clean, or even better, fakeroot debian/rules clean. The latter will 
clean up the package by not only removing temporary files under debian/, 
but by calling the clean target on the upstream Makefile, cleaning out its 
build process as well.

And what is this you say about dh_make? Are you running it more than once? 
(One should not really do that.)

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