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Re: Questions about library names

El 30 Apr 2001 09:37:23 -0400, sharkey@superk.physics.sunysb.edu escribió:
> Nothing happens to the old package.
> When a new shared library comes out that is incompatible with an old
> shared library, both libraries should be installed, this is why the
> soname is in the package name.   It allows simultaneous installation of
> libgpgme0 and libgpgme1.  By having both packages, third party programs
> compiled and linked angainst either version will run fine.

 Yes, but now I have another question. The library itself has a
different version numbering. In this way, current version is 0.2.1, but
the library gets compiled as libgpgme.so.0.3.0 as I said before.

  The problem with this is that some day, the library can reach, let's
say, version 0.5, and upstream author must decide to start calling the
library again from 0.0.0, so the library's name for version 0.5 will be
  This means that the package must called again libgpgme0. How is this
issue managed?

  Perhaps should I ask upstream author to go with the same version
numbering both in source itself and in soname?

  Thanks for your answer.


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