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Re: libtool headaches

Hi Filip,

On Sat, 28 Apr 2001, Filip Van Raemdonck wrote:

> (Please cc: me on replies, I'm trying to subscribe but the mailing list
> seems to be slow in sending confirm requests)

> Hi,

> I am working on a package of fam (available from
> http://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/), and I have some trouble wrt libtool.

> They use a selfcontained version of libtool in the build process, to build a
> shared library. The resulting library gets named libfam.so.0.0.0
> This seemed rather odd to me, as the source distribution is already at 2.6.4
> (it's an opensource release of an old SGI Irix tool), and I was correct in
> being suspicious: in a rpm spec file distributed with the sources there were
> commented out lines in the `%files' section that referenced a libfam.1.0 file
> (but a comment also seemed to indicate failure of correct soname generation
> on rpm systems).

> I suspect this is probably just a problem with the way libtool gets called
> (either incorrect or incomplete), but I'm not too good on reading
> Makefile.in's and apparently (to make things even more complicated) the
> libtool isn't even really distributed but gets generated from a file
> `ltconfig' in the top source directory.

> I'd really like some help to build the library with a correct major and minor
> version number. It's not that I can't build it or it doesn't work right now,
> but I fear severe breakage if one of the version numbers changes.

It's not out of the question that a library which is released as version 2.6.4
would still have an so version of 0.0.0; the major version of the library
soname changes any time the library interface changes, but the major version
of the /package/ would change at the author's discretion.  Still, even though
it doesn't need to match the release version 2.6.4, 0.0.0 does seem a little
low.  If you search through the makefiles for 'soname', do you find anywhere
that this argument is being passed to libtool (or supposed to be)?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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