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Re: Lintian errors and warnings

Bob Hilliard wrote:
>      The only guidance I can find in policy on the subject of
> stripping binaries is in section 11.1. Binaries:
>      Note that by default all installed binaries should be stripped, either
>      by using the `-s' flag to `install', or by calling `strip' on the
>      binaries after they have been copied into `debian/tmp' but before the
>      tree is made into a package.
>      I have always followed this provision, using the `-s' flag to
> `install' in my rules files.  The binaries lintian objected to were
> stripped. 

It's a warning because it's not a policy violation or anything, just something
you can do a bit better.

joey@silk:~>echo 'W: dict: binary-has-unneeded-section ./usr/bin/dict .note' | lintian-info
W: dict: binary-has-unneeded-section ./usr/bin/dict .note
N:   The binary or shared library is stripped, but still contains a section
N:   that is not useful. The utilities (install -s and dh_strip) are
N:   patched to remove the .note and .comment sections.

>      Another poster recommended using `strip --strip-unneeded' for
> these binaries, but that does not remove anything more than `strip'
> without options.  The dictzip binary, unstripped, is 394689 bytes.
> After running `strip dictzip', it is 125116 bytes.  After running
> `strip --strip-unneeded dictzip' it is still 125116 bytes.  Running
> `strip --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note dictzip'
> reduces it to 122396 bytes.

Right, and that size saving is why I made debhelper's dh_strip program
begin to stip those sections (and more for shared libs). IIRC debhelper was
first, lintian picked up on it, and nobody has even seen a need to mention it
in policy.

see shy jo

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