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Re: Getting packages out?

David Spreen <david@spreen.de> writes:

> Is it possible to get fast _all_ lidspackages out of testing and
> unstable?

Packages are removed by filing bugs against the "ftp.debian.org"
pseudo-package. That's not necessarily fast, however. I don't get why
there's so much urgency, though ...

> So that I can upload the new packages which would be used in
> building kernel-image-harden too.

You can upload the split packages right away. There's no problem with
them conflicting with your old unified package. People won't be able
to install them together, but they can exist alongside each other in
the archive.

> I would be happy to see them in woody, so I have to hurry a bit,
> right?

Don't worry. These packages are not in the base system, right?
Optional packages will be frozen later.


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